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          OhPonyBoy (Jérémie Marolleau) is a songwriter, performer, singer, pianist, guitarist and a 2D animator. His current activity is to create music videos on YOUTUBE.

Curriculum :


          Born in Dijon the 8th of August 1991, Jérémie grow in the village of Velars sur Ouche in the region of Burgundy. He began playing piano at the age of 7, guitar and drums a few years later. After studying at the Private school Saint Joseph, he completed a Biological engineering degree at the School Le Castel and then joined the University of Burgundy in Biology section.

           Not supporting the hyper-specialization of higher studies, Jérémie seeks to open himself to all the knowledge at his disposal during his journey. For him, the separation of scientific, artistic and literary knowledge seems an aberration. Studying the literary works, philosophical and then theological, he achieve at the same time a license in Geology, Chemistry and Biochemistry between 2009 and 2013.

          Jérémie discovers visual and sound creation softwares by making his first music video in 2013. He then creates the YouTube channel "OhPonyBoy" on May 28, 2013. He joined a Master in Plant Biology in September 2013. During his two years of Master, Jérémie realizes that the profession of researcher for which he has been formed does not suit him. Opening his eyes on a world of cold and mechanical science, he escapes at night in his colorful dreamy world. He intensifies his artistic work and his technique evolves.


          In early 2016, after graduation, the YouTube channel "OhPonyBoy" exceeded 10 million visits. Jérémie becomes a professional artist full-time, leaving biology aside. In order to keep up the intensive rhythm of production, to keep the inspiration and head cold, Jeremie also trained in sophrology (VAE diploma) during the year 2016.


Animation : 

          All of OhPonyBoy's projects are available on its YOUTUBE channel. At present, the THE STELLAE KEY project, an animated webseries, represents the highest level of OhPonyBoy, musically and visually speaking. His other work, the BLOBS ARE CUTE animation/music series is now complete. The physical CD is available on this website.

Discography :


         OhPonyBoy has made more than 40 original musics. His compositions can be listened on YOUTUBE, although some tracks only appear on BANDCAMP. The pseudonym OhPonyBoy and all of its works are part of the SACEM catalog and are protected since 2016 (Associate N°00813 18 95 39).

Scene :

          OhPonyBoy tries to offer the most interesting, balanced and funny presentations possible. International travel, French and English. Link to the events page.

Rewards :


2016 – « Jeune Talent Côte D’Or » contest : Waiting for results

2015 - « European Piano BITM » contest : Winner

2014 - « Piano en Gare, Yamaha Corporation » contest : Finalist